5 Reasons to Choose
Hong Kong Laser Eye Centre

Advanced Technology

We specialise in refractive procedure, and are able to provide personalised laser vision correction plans that are not limited to a particular laser technology. With a more advanced laser vision equipment, we can meet the specific needs of many people in the eyes.

22 Years of Experience

When it comes to your eyes, your ophthalmologist's experience plays an important role. Skilled ophthalmologist, experienced optometrists and clinic staff operate 6 days a week to provide convenient procedure times for you. We care deeply about Hong Kong, a city we have served for 22 years. With 3 surgery centres in this city, we have more than 100,000+ patients who share our passion for a quality eye care service.

More than Smile & Lasik

We offer more than just SMILE and LASIK. We also offer a variety of ophthalmology treatments for people for all ages, such as comprehensive eye care exam, cataract treatment, diabetic eye diagnosis, macular degeneration treatment. Our ophthalmologists focus on helping patients to achieve better vision and eye health.


We have three Medical and Surgical centres in Tsim Sha Tsui and Central. They are very close to the MTR stations.

Patient Education

We organise many eye health seminars every week in order to raise the public awareness of various eye diseases. When it comes to our eyes, prevention is better than cure. Several eye diseases are preventable, and can be managed much better if identified earlier on. The goal of our ophthalmologists is to raise awareness towards eye health, and assist our patients to maintain good vision.